YouTube continues in his crusade against ad blockers. After testing a feature that prevents video playback when an extension like AdBlock is detected, the company decided to take stricter action. As reported by the user RedditYouTube will disable the video player if you don’t heed the warnings.

At first glance, the measure seems less invasive than the previous test, which denied access to video. However, the goal is the same requires users to disable their ad blockerso add youtube to your allowed domains list. Otherwise, the player will crash after playing three videos.

YouTube confirmed Android control that this is a new experiment. The platform aims to realize his philosophy of three strikes this applies to content creators when a video breaks the rules. In this case, use ad blocker is against the terms of usetherefore, the company will notify the user that they must disable it before taking any action.

“We’re running a small experiment around the world, encouraging viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium,” said Oluwa Falodun, a spokesperson for the company. “Discovery of ad blockers is not new, and other publishers regularly ask viewers to turn them off,” he noted. This last one This is common on some websites or services that block user access. when they discover that the extension is blocking ads.

When will the YouTube player be disabled if you use an ad blocker? As the company explains, this measure will be taken “in extreme caseswhere audiences continue to use them.” three strikes implies that users will receive three warnings before applying the fix.

YouTube declares war on ad blockers

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The idea of ​​disabling the video player is one of YouTube’s latest strategies in the fight against ad blockers. Although the company makes adjustments from time to time, they have never been so aggressive as to prevent replay or access to the platform. YouTube is tired of losing money on ads millions of users using these tools.

“We take disabling playback very seriously and will only disable replay if repeated ad permission requests are ignored by viewers on YouTube,” Falodun said. “In cases where users believe they have been falsely tagged for using an ad blocker, they can share their feedback by clicking a link in a post,” he said. The player block will be temporary and will only be activated until it is confirmed that the extension is disabled or that YouTube is on the list of allowed domains.

One short term solution might be YouTube Premium contract, a service that removes ads on the platform after paying a monthly fee. Another wait for extensions to update or that some developer is running an app to bypass the lock. The truth is that this measure is being tested and His appeal to the public is not yet final..

It is currently possible to watch YouTube without ads using apps like NewPipe or LibreTube for Android. If you have an Android TV, SmartTubeNext blocks ads and lets you play 4K content at 60 frames per second. On computers, Brave and Firefox are good alternatives for bypassing mandatory ads.

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