Developed by Amazon, Kindle is one of the most popular digital book readers on the market.. The device has won the appreciation of many users by offering a practical experience with various features for more comfortable reading moments.

One of the highlights of the gadget is its anti-glare e-ink touchscreen.reproduces texts in a clear paper-like manner. Less energy-consuming technology ensures that the battery lasts for months on a single charge.

Another attraction of the Kindle for entertainment or study ability to move “all libraries” on one device. With light and comfortable designThe e-book reader offers a more enjoyable and less tiring reading during long hours of use.

Right now, Amazon offers four versions of Kindle in Brazil. Next, Technology World shows the main details of each device and the suggested prices for the Brazilian market:

Kindle 11th Gen

20% Closed

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

A device created specifically for those who love to read. The 11th Gen Kindle is light and compact with a high resolution 300 ppi screen and anti-glare screen.

499.00 BRL

input option, 11th generation Kindle one 6 inch display with 4 LED backlight. E-book reader for a more comfortable reading, built-in light adjustment and night mode.

Capable of storing thousands of books and other digital publications, model has 16GB internal space. With USB-C charging, a single battery charge provides up to six weeks of use.

11th Gen Kindle costs R$499, but you can find it for up to 20% lower on promotions. During Amazon Prime Day, the model retails for R$399 for Amazon Prime members.

Kindle Paper White

20% Closed

Image: Kindle Paperwhite

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

It has built-in and waterproof lighting, so you can better enjoy your reading anytime and anywhere without worry at the kitchen table, pool or even in the bathtub.

799.00 BRL

Kindle Paperwhite has a few extra features compared to the basic version of the gadget. One of the model 6.8 inch display with 17 LED backlight and light temperature adjustment, leaving the panel whiter or amber.

With IPX8 waterproof certification, the device survives dives of up to 2 meters in fresh water for up to 60 minutes. device follows 16GB storagebut delivery Battery with autonomy of up to 10 weeks.

Suggested retail price for Kindle Paperwhite is R$799.. For those looking for a discount, an amount close to 639 BRL, as in Prime Day 2023, makes the product more attractive.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

20% Closed

Image: Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

AEnjoy everything the new Kindle Paperwhite has to offer, plus wireless charging, adaptive headlights and 32GB of storage.

899.00 BRL

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is an enhanced version of the “standard” Paperwhite. In particular, the model offers 32GB internal space for books and other digital publications.

The device repeats 6.8 inch display with 17 LED backlight and light temperature adjustment, but it brings a adaptive light sensor according to the environment. Additionally, it is IPX8 certified for variable water resistance and Up to 10 weeks of battery life.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition price is Rs.. During Prime Day, the model can be purchased for R$719 with a 20% discount.

Kindle Oasis

5% Closed

Image: Kindle Oasis

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Highest resolution Kindle – 7″ 300ppi Paperwhite display. Read like paper, don’t shine even in sunlight. 8GB or 32GB memory.

1,499.00 BRL

Premium option, Kindle Oasis is a 7 inch display with 25 LED backlight and temperature setting features and adaptive light sensor. Although the device is larger, it has a light and ergonomic design. custom buttons to switch pages.

Like the Paperwhite variants, this model also IPX8 certified for water resistance. With 8GB or 32GB internal space versionsThe reader also offers a battery of up to 10 weeks of autonomy.

Kindle Oasis is available for purchase with suggested prices starting at R$1,349.. Values ​​vary with storage size.

Source: Tec Mundo

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