In Russia, the ultra-portable irrigator Usmile CY1 for workplaces began to be sold.

It is the #1 brand in China, ahead of Philips and OralB.

Who are Usmile

Usmile is a Chinese company that makes oral density products ranging from standard toothbrushes and cordless irrigators to floss and mouthwashes.

She has more than 450 patents, she is awarded 17 francs. It is the best selling dental brand in China worldwide with over 22 million users.

What is good about the Usmile CY1 irrigator

Usmile CY1 allows plaque and liquid residue to pass between the teeth, and also massages the gums with a pulsating water jet at a frequency of 1600 pulses per minute. Works until 90 days without recharging.

The device allows you to freely clean the oral cavity without irritation of the oral cavity and any discomfort. An irrigator helps reduce the chance of gum disease. Works in four modes: massage, soft, hard and usually for reliable cleaning.

There is protection according to the IPX7 standard, that is, the gadget is not afraid of external immersion in water. Management takes place using the functional keyboard, and the activation of the mode can be determined by the light indicator.

It comes with three attachments – professional, cleaning and workplace feel. You can store them directly in the body of the irrigator so that they are always at hand. The minimum jet pressure is 690 kPa.

Usmile CY1 costs 3599 rubles in Russia. Available in two colors: pink and mint.

Source: Iphones RU

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