The release of this novelty of this year – the film “Oppenheimer” took place.

Director Christopher Nolan decided to up the quality of his films again and filmed the film entirely on IMAX cameras. Only 30 cinemas around the world. IMAX 70mmit’s a little more format (at least real film versus digital), in a source where there is more information in the frame, and the film itself becomes more square.

Nolan did not talk about how much effort he put into this work. No graphics were used at all, all shooting was done on a natural basis.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions. How was the long-awaited film? We understand. The opinion turned out to be very mixed, but in general, you will not remain indifferent from viewing.

This film will tell about penultimate nature

What is the movie about: the life story of Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, who became one of the most significant figures in the scientific world of the 20th century.

During the second year of World War II, he directed the Manhattan Project. Under his direct presence, atomic charges were discovered, which formed the basis of the first atomic bombs that were thrown into the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The invention of this crime forever changed the history of mankind.

Christopher Nolan’s film was simply impossible to ignore. With this release, he still managed to create some “Barbenheimer” in the society. The fact is that he came out on the same day as the movie “Barbie”. The level of expectation has increased to a high level of blood flow.

Rumor has it that Warner Bros. with the help of Barbie, they decided to take revenge on Nolan for breaking his contract with the studio after the release of Tenet on HBO Max. Is it so, we are hardly abroad.

If in the case of the picture of Greta Gerwig the idea of ​​​​capitalism and the “agenda” are strongly promoted, then Nolan succeeded anti-american cinemawhere LGBT people are not promoted and fat remains on the cons of the “system”.

The story is divided into two lines: the meticulous interrogation of Robert Oppenheimer, the present and the last years of the scientist’s life. Great emphasis is placed on the latter, the director made a delivery not on the process of creating an atomic bomb, but on the complex and very contradictory inner world of the inventor.

No, the process itself is also there, but it is served the most susceptible people. But he pays more attention to Oppenheimer’s questions and problems, including a brief, urgent romance with Gina Tetlock, which touches on the scientist’s trial.

A separate presidential episode, albeit a short one, but a very peculiar episode with Truman in an emergency by Harry Oldman. This minute scene overshadows all of Cillian Murphy’s actingOldman was heavily involved in his opposition.

What Murphy I generally can not assess in any way. For almost 3 hours, he completely does not change, but we need different stages of his life. And that in modern times, that in students – he is always to blame. The author does not have any logical development, and this is a little depressing.

The last act is generally one of the manifestations of intrigues in which Oppenheimer got involved willy-nilly. And through the main atrocity, we were shown all the rotten counters of the “system”.

Half of the film was shot in black and white.

The fact that there will be black-and-white shots in history has been known for a long time. However, I personally did not expect that there would be so many of them. It produced a certain charm and noir, this production has its own highlight.

You can see how Nolan did the work on the mistakes after the failed Argument. Here, although he flirts with chronology, he does it more measuredly. The viewer is not found in the chains and observes the presence of the plot in different regions. It even plays on the main character himself – gradually he reveals himself from different sides.

That’s what upset me, because it’s a publicized bed scene, which lasts almost 15 minutes according to some reports. This is not the case, and she was not seen in the background of the rest of the film. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense in the plot.

But the fact that the movie was shot in IMAX format is completely frank. The picture here is just great, and the explosion itself looks like a bomb.

This is a movie that you can and should watch.

“Oppenheimer” is an example of a quality movie that is not ashamed to waste time on.

Christopher Nolan was able to correct and make a captivating film. Sometimes the tempo may sag, but in such cases there is a rapid change. It’s a nice visual attraction with a relatively suggestive plot and a captivating lover.

See clearly.

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