In the digital world where companies operate today, some business processes are offered by Trusted Advisors as a service (aaS) model so that organizations can specialize in developing and purchasing the products/services they offer. cyber security is no exception to this trend.

And this is not just a feature of digital transformation, but a real need for organizations as they can provide more affordable cybersecurity infrastructure costs by moving from CAPEX to OPEX.

This format also allows services to be provided and consumed from anywhere, faster to implement in companies, and capacity can be increased or decreased at any time by paying only for what is consumed.

according to study IT Security Team: 2021 onwards 64% of Brazilian companies from Sophos indicated an increase in the number of attacks in 2020. Additionally, 53% of respondents said attacks were too complex to be resolved solely by organizations’ internal cybersecurity teams, while 78% said their cybersecurity workload has increased.

63% of Brazilian companies plan to expand external teams by 2023 to help address this growing situation in the number and complexity of attacks that further push the cybersecurity team.

While there is a wide variety of managed cybersecurity services, they are incompatible with the threat detection and response capabilities (TDR) needed for cybercriminal groups to face advanced attacks on Brazilian companies in recent months. Made by Lapsus$ or Blackcat.

This limitation in the transfer of TDR capabilities by the current managed cybersecurity services offering is due to most of them focusing on cybersecurity management. operations.

Cybersecurity management is the traditional management of alert monitoring and reporting along with different policies implemented in technologies such as firewalls, content filtering, email security gateway, among others. Cyber ​​security operations, on the other hand, refer to the actions to be taken in the face of a cyber attack, such as the analysis, search, control and neutralization of attacks supported by threat intelligence (Threat Intel), artificial intelligence and automation.

Cybersecurity operations that enable TDR capabilities are built on two dimensions, one technological and the other human. On the technological side, new technologies such as XDR detection and extended response, and complex threat analysis, search and response capabilities on the human side stand out.

Hiring and retaining resources with these highly advanced cybersecurity capabilities is one of the top challenges for companies. according to study Cyber ​​Security Workforce 2021of the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)², there is a shortage of 2.72 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide, and 65% growth in the supply of experts in this field will be required to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets.

The current high demand and low supply for professionals makes these resources expensive, so many companies can’t compete for them in the job market, leading to what’s known as “cybersecurity’s impossible puzzle”: the increase and complexity of threats and the TDR capabilities to handle these threats. the need for highly skilled people. However, these professionals are scarce and therefore expensive, and there is no economic power to recruit and/or retain them.

To solve this puzzle, TDR capabilities can be delivered as a service by managed threat detection and response (MDR) providers. Therefore, companies do not need to compete directly for questionable human resources, and they invest only a fraction of the cost themselves of hiring these resources in-house.

This business model opens up huge opportunities for companies in Brazil, as local cybersecurity providers can manage and transfer TDR features as a service. “Powered by” from specialist, world-class, cost-effective MDR providers to businesses of all sizes, ensuring they adequately address today’s advanced active threats.

Per André CarneiroManaging Director of Sophos in Brazil and Juan Alejandro Aguirremanager
Senior Sales Engineering at Sophos Latin America.

Source: Tec Mundo

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