Music is eternal, and records on records and audio cassettes are also pleasantly available in the collection at home. Unlike digital audio libraries, tracks on physical media cannot be replaced with altered versions, from which lyrics may be removed or the arrangement changed. I’m not talking about the accessibility of the creativity of your favorite bands in general.

And on what to listen to physical media of music? Yes, the English brand Alive Audio produces a beautiful all-in-one audio combine Alive Audio RADIOLA, in which the beauty of the audio device itself from the 50s and a modern car are intertwined.

It’s rare to find a feature-packed audio system in such a stylish form factor. Let’s take a closer look at Alive Audio RADIOLA.

The appearance is eye-catching. In any interior


The wooden case, decorated with brass inserts and fabric, attracts the eye, and some older music lovers may feel nostalgia for childhood. However, a mandatory set is hidden inside:

● vinyl player
● industrial radio AM/FM
● CD player
● cassette deck
● Bluetooth speaker

Also, when it appears, you can connect any other sound source from your smartphone or MP3 player via AUX, or additional speakers via RCA output.

Just look at these details! The pressed wood body has a noble color, a stylized brass front panel, a huge radio dial and fabric decorative overlays on the speakers – this device can be looked at for a very long time. Each element fits and pleases the eye.

When turned on, a yellow backlight lights up along the contour of the round scale. Looks very good in the evening lamp.

On the front panel, in addition to the scale, you can find three “knobs” that disable switching between radio / vinyl player / AUX / cassette deck / Bluetooth, sound volume and radio volume.

On the sides of the “window” there are CD-drive control buttons. With their help, you can rewind tracks to disk, as well as start the digitization mode.

Yes, Alive Audio RADIOLA can transfer your music from an audio cassette, vinyl record or CD to a USB flash drive. To do this, you need to insert a USB flash drive into the connector for the playback device and install REC on the front panel of the audio combine. A medical STOP is required to stop digitization. Music is stored on the flash drive as an mp3 file.

part of the body is a cover, under which a deck for vinyl records is hidden. The lid opens easily and is held on by a brass “leg”.

The vinyl is belt driven and cushioned to dampen vibrations. Next to the “pancake” there is a lever for automatically lifting the needle and switching speeds. Three travel speeds are available: 33 1/3, 45, 78 disc revolutions per minute.

A special slot in the back wall allows you to play records of any size. Moreover, during the operation of the player, you can even close the lid.

The media combine comes with a remote control. With it, you can control a CD player, switch between protected radio stations, control sound, and more.

The remote looks very modern, so I personally like to press and twist the controls in fact, but if you are a completely lazy person, then the remote is, of course, a necessary thing.

Modern filling for a bright sound

A device with such an abundance of functions has worthy characteristics, which I cite as a riddle:

● Drive system – Belted (belt)
● Cartridge – Ceramic with sapphire coating

● Speaker power, W – 2 x 5

● external phono stage – Yes

● Supported record formats – 7, 10, 12

● Raising the tonearm – Manual

● Bluetooth version – 5.0, range up to 10 meters

● Connectors – RCA, USB, SD, AUX

● Hitchhiking – Yes

Alive Audio RADIOLA sounding can be described as quite neutral. The sound matters, without stratification, although the bass is a bit lacking in my opinion. However, for records and audio cassettes – that’s it. The device produces that same warm, tube sound.

In any case, the presence of “tulips” allows you to connect additional acoustics to the player to taste in order to get a more powerful and rich sound.


There are no complaints about the operation of the radio – it catches all Russian stations, there is an amplification of the antenna wiring, with which you can improve signal reception. And if you have your own media library on your smartphone, then Alive Audio RADIOLA allows you to broadcast tracks via Bluetooth or via AUX, acting as ordinary speakers.

Most importantly, the Alive Audio RADIOLA media combine Looks really impressive. This gadget, which is equipped with technical capabilities, also has a visual aesthetic that can decorate any apartment, attic or any other themed room. I repeat, I watch RADIOLA very cool.

The price of this media combine today is 27,990 rubles. A device with an impressive design that allows you to listen to records, CDs, radio, mp3, and even digitizes audio cassettes, the price is more than worthy.

So owners of vinyl, CDs, audio cassettes, your time has come. Only you can get the shelves of some rare cassette and play exactly the music that was originally intended by the authors.

The perfect stylish gift.

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