Mac out of the box is used very quickly and in a few seconds is ready to go. Unfortunately, over time, system startup can increase. It’s all about collecting applications, services, and even data onto your computer’s storage.

How quickly macOS downloads will increase using standard system tools.

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1. Remove unnecessary applications from startup

Some programs and utilities, after installation, are “viewed” in the autorun menu and loaded every time the system starts. It can be painlessly public.

Go to System Preferences – General – Login Items. From the top, remove the menu of programs that you do not need to autorun.

Some applications then start working only after manual activation.

2. Disable automatic launch of the program from the Dock-panel.

Pages, but some programs or scripts are not available in the resource download settings menu, but they still run when you turn on your Mac. Usually, this is how utilities are launched for which the item Options – Close the entrance arrived..

Open all the icons from the shelf and disable them for those you don’t need.

3. Disable programs from auto-starting on Mac shutdown

When you shut down or restart your computer, accept the flag “Back next to the window on re-login” in the dialog box. So everything is open at the time of shutdown, applications will not automatically start with macOS.

You can turn off this system once without a menu and a countdown timer.

4. Unplug all unnecessary accessories

If it often works with connected accessories, their connection is not disabled. A removable drive or flash drive includes extra seconds when searching for a system to start and check.

Additional connected accessories drain the Macbook’s structure.

5. Free up storage space

For the normal operation of the system, it is necessary to keep freedom at least 10-15% capacity storage device. This allows you to create paging files and manage data as fast as possible.

Use how much disk space is available on the computer along the way System Preferences – General – Storage. If the disk needs to be cleaned, it is written with tips.

If you follow the above advice, your computer will be equipped with a display and a device from sleep mode much faster.

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