On May 17, yesterday around 22:00, A powerful Serbian drug smuggler has escaped from the Dominican Republic to Colombia and that Italian justice is necessary.

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According to the authorities, The capo used a fake Italian identity, which he called himself Nikola Boros. However, EL TIEMPO determined that his real name is Antun Mrdeza, of Serbian origin.

According to the file on Colombia belongs to a powerful network of cocaine traffickers from Italy and Eastern Europe.Heroin and marijuana through connections in South America.


Almost 12 hours after leakColombia Migration announced in a brief statement that it has launched an internal investigation, citing the case.

Migration Colombia announced that an internal disciplinary case has been opened to clarify the circumstances surrounding the escape of foreigner Antun Mrdeza, who also identifies as Nikola Boros, last night.Serbian nationals while the administrative deportation process is being carried out” were included.

(Also: Is Colonel Plazas Vega’s residence in the United States surprising?)Amid their search for the fugitive, authorities found the abandoned vehicle in the rural area of ​​the Guarne municipality of Antioquia.

EL TIEMPO specifically determined that: Although Italy requested his extradition for being a very high-profile drug trafficker, the request was not approved. It was therefore provided to the Colombian Migration for deportation.

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Among the evidence against the network to which Capo will belong are telephony devices that are enabled for encrypted communication. and a platform that guarantees a message encryption system.

In communication, capos used nicknames and photos of drug shipments.

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Source: Exame

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