Back in mid-July of this year, it became known that the specialists of the Russian S7 group began to create a technical training aircraft, which is so lacking in the country – it was called the S7 Tango.

Previously, it was reported that this aircraft will be officially presented to the public in the fall, and now the fact that the S7 Tango is not compatible, as well as the projected image and the unphotographed image of this project, which are collecting images, has appeared.

Photo: Air travel at the helm

It’s not worth it, it’s an S7 Tango, with a heavy weight of 1150 kg, still heavy and extremely heavy in appearance, its range is about 1100 km. According to the source, the S7 Tango has a few percent of imported components – apparently, it is a question of childhood about a propeller.

It is already known that the S7 Tango is designed to accommodate four people – a commander with a co-pilot or an instructor with a trainee, as well as two passengers. Composite airframe with a six-cylinder engine, which is the company’s own design.

Photo: Air travel at the helm

Judging by the published images, the assembly of the first sample of S7 Tango is close to completion, which means that S7 Group can demonstrate a full-size pre-production sample, and not just show beautiful renders.

Source: Tech Cult

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