It is no longer important that the online casino market has grown at an impressive and steady pace over the past 5 years. Hundreds of platforms offer many options and benefits for the passionate casino player.

However, most of these online casino platforms are foreign so they need to adapt their interfaces, tools and services to appeal to the Brazilian public at all times. However, they are not always fully adapted, especially when it comes to payment methods, as it is common to come across Brazilian players having trouble finding a good method across platforms.

Top 5 sites with paying games on PicPay

In a market with so many choices in online casino platforms, the player may be confused about which platform to choose, but don’t worry, we will make your life easier by helping you save time and money as we have chosen. Check out the best online casino platforms that offer PicPay as a payment method, below.

  1. Brazino777

  2. bet move

  3. JackpotCity

  4. LeoVegas

  5. betaine

How to choose the best online casino that accepts PicPay?

To choose a good, safe and reliable online casino, it is necessary to check some basic and important requirements such as:

The casino license must be valid and issued by an official regulatory body recognized by the market, as this agency will periodically issue it to ensure the platform is within the standard of reliability and security.

Every online casino platform must provide good data security to prevent information theft, so the user should always check that the platform has at least two basic data security tools: secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

The idea is to find honest reports by filtering information to understand how the online casino platform treats registered users, no fraud should be tolerated, and positive reports need to be more than negative for the platform to have a good reputation.

Details about gaming sites that accept PicPay

  1. Brazino777

Brazino777 has a very clear focus on sports betting on their platform. However, the brand has developed a full range of online casinos that serve very well Brazilian players, which are known to be very demanding. The online casino is licensed by the CGA, one of the most important regulatory bodies in the international market, and offers a number of advantages to its users.


  • An app is available for Android devices.

  • A wide variety of games on offer.

  • Customer service is available 24/7.


  1. bet move

Created by big enthusiasts of the betting and gambling market, Betmotion emerged in 2008 with the aim of fulfilling all the desires that its creators saw as a need that was not met by the big platforms at that time. The platform is managed by a business group with over 20 years of experience and offers everything the gamer needs.



  1. JackpotCity

Jackpot City Casino has been offering the world of online gambling great games for players around the world since 1998. These online casino veterans have a lot to offer, from a wide selection of games (such as blackjack, poker and slots) to a variety of payment methods. . It offers 24/7 support, a unique mobile experience, and many other features to create an outstanding gaming experience.



  1. LeoVegas Casino

One of the most popular online casinos in Brazil with almost 10 years of history in the international market, Leo Vegas is one of the most entertaining among the largest platforms in the segment and has won multiple awards for excellence in this market for several years. over and over, showing its dedication to users.



  1. betaine

Whether you’re a sports fan or a slots free spins hunter, Betano is your place, offering deposit bonuses almost every day. Betano offers an interesting range of slot games without offering table games like roulette or blackjack.



How does PicPay work?

The platform was developed and launched in 2012 to offer a set of tools that can make life easier for users while moving money simply and securely.

All this at much lower costs than traditional banking institutions and with a much more efficient system as it is quick and simplified. Because it was created exactly by Brazilians, PicPay knows how to satisfactorily serve all its users in the national region by offering everything they need in payments.

Passionate about online casinos, the player can also enjoy very interesting PicPay benefits such as cash, credit and debit cards, installment payment, QR code payment and simplified access to Pix.

The best paying games on PicPay

With so many game options available at online casinos, it can be difficult to choose the one that suits your profile, and even more so if you’re considering someone who pays well at PicPay. That’s why we’ve listed below the best paying games on PicPay, so you can pick one, browse.

Source: Tec Mundo

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