Astra Group JSC (the developer of the Russian OS Astra Linux) acquired a 26% stake in Resolut LLC, the creator of the GitFlic platform for storing open source code and joint development.

Astra Group said that this is the first stage of the deal. At the second stage, they buy 51%, and the rest of the share remains with the founders of Resolut.

This deal is part of a larger project to create analogues of GitHub, GitLab and GitBucket.

The company is already working on a platform that will take first place in this environment with a combination of source code management tools, experimentation, automation, documentation, framework, template development.

— Head of Astra Group Ilya Sivtsev

It is expected to bring the new platform to the market before the end of 2023. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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