The programming segment is targeted by many companies and the search for qualified professionals is constant. It is possible to specialize in some languages ​​within this market. Python.

It is possible to act on a wide variety of fronts with the use of Python. web applications, data science, software development, machine learning And many others. Because it is specialist knowledge, it is important to invest in a programming course to acquire the necessary skills to use it on a daily basis.

If you’re paying attention to that area, Udemy It offers an extensive list of video courses that you can learn on a variety of topics, from basic to advanced. And in this article you will see some Python learning options from R$22.90!

Check out:

1. Basic to Advanced Python 3 Course with Real Projects

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Learn and master Python 3, follow PySide6, Django, Selenium, Regexp, Tests, TDD, OOP, Design Patterns GoF, algorithms and programming.

This is one of the most complete online Python courses you can find on the internet, as it has 141 hours of courses divided into 748 lessons to cover almost everything about Python.

Among the modules covered by this course Django in Python, relational databases with Python, modules using this programming language and many more preparing you for the professional market.

2. Basic to Advanced Python Programming Course

Image: Basic to Advanced Python Programming Course
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Learn Python 3.8.5 with Lambda Expressions, Iterators, Constructors, Object Orientation and more!

In this option you will go through various modules to learn beyond the Python language, but you will also see some practical applications of the language in daily life.

To do this, you will have access to over 63 hours of material and 197 lessons covering a variety of topics: logical and conditional constructs, functions, lambda expressions, and built-in functionsjust to name a few.

3. Zero to Advanced Python Programming Course + 32 Real Projects

Image: Zero to Advanced Python Programming Course + 32 Projects
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Master the latest version of Python 3.11. Learn to build data science, automation, websites, games, and apps.

An option that focuses on presenting various information using Python 3.11, which is currently the latest. The course offers students tools for data science, automation, and building websites, games, and apps. The suggestion here is to learn from real projects by giving proof of how the content can be applied in practice.

For those who are interested, this course is 19 hours in total and all material is spread over 212 lessons.

4. Python 3 Course – Complete the Basic to Advanced Course

Image: Python 3 Course - Complete the Basic to Advanced Course
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Learn Python, algorithms, data structures, fundamentals, object orientation, functional programming and much more with this complete course.

This course, which consists of a total of approximately 26 hours and 270 lessons on various topics involving this programming language, passes many important codes for those who want to master Python.

One of the differences is: The knowledge gained in the course is applied in two projects using Python in coding.also topics like file handling, Comprehension, functions and more.

5. Easy Python 3 Programming Course From Scratch

Image: Easy Zero Programming Course in Python 3
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Master Python3! Follow the full course with exercises and projects + Special Bonus: Supervised Machine Learning in Python.

This course comes with a suggestion to present the basics for those who want to use Python as their main programming language, as well as a variety of exercises to put the knowledge into practice.

Besides all programming related topics, This course also offers a section focused on transferring Machine Learning content in Python.More opportunities are offered to those who want to work in this field.

6. Python Course from Zero to Object Oriented Programming

Image: Python Course from Zero to Object Oriented Programming
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Ideal for beginners and those who want to learn to program in Python. Learn Python programming simply, quickly and effectively.

We close our candidate list with the Python video course from Zero to Object Oriented Programming, which brings 342 lessons in a total of 16 hours to prepare everyone to work in programming.

The aim of this course is to help the student reach the stage of object-oriented programming and to do exercises that will help in this way.

In addition to these options, the Udemy website has an extensive catalog of options for various fields. You can also buy it by taking advantage of this opportunity until August 31st. Online course for R$22.90!

Source: Tec Mundo

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