Chinese YouTube channel WekiHome has published a detailed video, performing a complete disassembly of the gadget.

As with most modern smartphones, disassembly begins with removing the back cover. Huawei traditionally uses a reinforced adhesive composition, which somewhat complicates the process.

The main feature of the Pura 70 Ultra is the retractable main camera mechanism with a 1-inch sensor and variable aperture.

Inside, the entire module is clearly visible, including the stepper motor, which is an impressive piece of engineering.

A special foam layer is even applied to the engine to reduce noise. It is also emphasized that Pura 70 Ultra is the first smartphone to combine a retractable camera with IP68 water and dust protection.

Thanks to the sealing of the telescopic part of the lens, the smartphone is thinner than competitors with a similar type of sensor when the camera is not used. Another plus is that there is almost no rattle when swinging; this is typical for 1-inch sensors.

The optical stabilization system based on sensor shifting is clearly visible. The chambers’ heat sink is connected to a large evaporation chamber.

The Kirin processor is comparable to Snapdragon 888 and Dimensity 8200 in terms of performance. The speakers are the same as those installed in the Mate 60 Pro, and the vibration motor is slightly smaller.

Source: Ferra

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