Specialists from the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center, located near the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, have developed a new and rather promising biodegradable material that can replace polystyrene, which is very common in industry, used, in addition to distribution, in the production of disposable tableware and various packaging i.

Biodegradable plastic is based on polystyrene molecules, not with the development of organic compounds in the form of alpha-angelicalactone, which is an element of plant origin obtained from lulose, as well as fructose and other substances.

At the same time, plastic of this type is arranged in the soil to decompose almost completely without any eological impact within six months, and the properties of this material in the plane of interest for industry show that they do not appear in ordinary plastic.

Harmless plastic invented in Russia

As scientists from Krasnoyarsk specified, modified with polystyrene, made with the help of alpha-angelic Alakton, not without mechanical and technical knowledge of materials, added not in the best way. non-toxic.

Source: Tech Cult

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