Until December 31, 2023, the German software developer SAP will stop supporting partners and customers in Russia. Only the use of cloud services remains valid until the end of the full term of the contracts.

Software developer SAP will stop supporting partners and customers in Russia

The company’s customers have already begun transferring technical support for their systems to local IT companies. One of them may be Lab SP, founded in 2022 by former SAP employees.

However, a complete replacement of SAP is not yet possible, experts believe, the company’s solutions are responsible for the operation of the basic systems of enterprises, and there are no complete analogues.

  • SAP sold several business products in Russia, including ERP, CRM systems, and SCM logistics management services. Among SAP’s customers were Gazprom and Sberbank.
  • The company stopped operating cloud services in Russia on March 25, 2022. Since April it has stopped working with Russian clients.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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