Dryer It is considered more universal compared to the drying cabinet. Such a machine heats the air, which is then discharged to the outside or cooled by evaporators. Dryers are distinguished by their low price, wide range, compactness, the ability to clean laundry from excess fluff, effective drying and the ability to adjust the humidity level.

The drying cabinet is already more expensive and not very popular among buyers. Its price starts from 90 thousand rubles. The drying technology in them is associated either with fans with heating elements or with condensers.

Drying cabinets also work with delicate fabrics (they cannot be tumble dried), they make minimal noise and support a steam function.

So which one is better to choose? In general, the dryer has minimal dimensions, better working efficiency and also a low price. As an alternative to floor or rope clothes dryers, a drying cabinet should be considered for installation in an expensive apartment or if you want to dry laundry made from delicate fabrics.

Source: Ferra

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