Apple has announced the new generation Apple Watch Series 9.

The watch has been preserved in another familiar design. All innovations are included in the complex inside. So, the latest S9 processor is responsible for performance. It is 50% more powerful than the Pereggo in Series 8.

Thanks to the power of this chip, the company was able to create a feature to launch Siri directly on the watch face. An improved Neural Engine chip is also included here – Siri will process the command directly within an hour.


The Apple Watch Series 9 display is twice as bright – up to 2000 nits. Information is visible at absolutely any resolution.

It can dim down to 1 nit at night. This is necessary to save more battery power.

The watch also features a new U2 chip. It allows you to locate your iPhone using a point-to-point interface.

A convenient option has been added to control the watch using gestures. For example, with a double tap you can turn on the timer, change widgets, make calls and much more.

Apple Watch Series 9 is available in five colors: gold, pink, silver, black and red. Steel versions come in black, gold and silver.

Special straps made from recycled materials will be produced for the watch. The company abandoned leather this year.


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Source: Iphones RU

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