The American company LifeSpan Fitness has announced a practical podium on how to get yourself in good physical shape during office work. The Ampera bike can only be used without any technical problems. The developers report that you can get up to 65 W of energy per hour, which is enough not only to power a smartphone, but even a laptop.

The device uses a belt drive. The bottom has been assembled with a 15W non-smoking side panel and a USB-C port that produces 65W of power. Using mobile parking for two of its most popular operating systems, you can analyze statistics – power received, calories burned, pedal network speed, distance traveled and much more.

It is noted that this structure was built with 40% recycled materials. The bicycles remained in a durable frame made of aluminum tubes. The seat is covered with fabric and allows you to use it all day. There is a custom adjustment system and handles for convenient placement of Ampera at the desired point in the room. The project on the Kickstarter platform costs $549. This latest part of the Ampere is expected to move to the 2nd series for 2023.

Source: Tech Cult

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