At we constantly talk about computers, smartphones and, in general, anything with a screen. But every time we forget that any light directly affects our eyes.

It is useful to check your vision once a year, but many people neglect this rule for a variety of reasons. One of them is laziness; often you just don’t want to go to the ophthalmologist, especially if nothing is bothering you.

In such cases, free online services come to the rescue. They do not give an exact result, but they help to understand whether there are any problems with vision.

1. Due diligence from Zeiss

The German company Zeiss has been producing optics, including glasses and ophthalmic equipment, since 1846.

On the Zeiss website, you can test your vision using standard parameters: acuity, contrast, color vision, astigmatism and visual field.

The Russian translation service is available free of charge.

After testing, generalized results appear, on the basis of which you can make a decision about visiting a doctor.

2. Eye test on the Nikon website

Nikon is largely considered a camera manufacturer, but the company also makes glasses and lenses.

On the Nikon website you can check your vision using 10 parameters:

▪️ Activities and lifestyle (selection of glasses for different needs)
▪️ Visual acuity test.
▪️ Myopia test
▪️ Duochrome test
▪️ Checking astigmatism
▪️ Contrast vision test
▪️Light sensitivity test
▪️ Visual reflexes
▪️ Visual energy

After passing the tests, the service recommends that you need a vision test from a specialist.

The site is available only in Russian; if necessary, you can use a translator.

3. Vision test using a smartphone and computer.

On the website of the American clinic EyecareLive, anyone can check the severity of any issue.

To do this, you need to follow the link on your computer and smartphone. On the PC, you need to specify a phone number (any one can be), after which a code is created that must be entered on the smartphone.

The test itself looks like this: the user moves three meters away from the computer screen and tries to see a cut on the figure. The correct answer is on the phone.

After testing, approximate results according to the Snellen chart are displayed. It is impossible to include the usual Sivtsev table, but you can open the Snellen table and roughly understand whether your vision is really good or bad.

4. Question Academy Online Tests

The Vision Academy website has several online tests to test vision, color vision, retinal vision, and astigmatism.

All instructions are available free of charge in English.

As a result, the user immediately sees the result and recommendations in the direction of expectation.

5. Vision test according to Sivtsev’s table.

Most often in Russia, check your vision using the Sivtsev table. You’ve probably seen her too.

You can use it to check your vision at home, without having to print anything. The main thing is to choose the right scale of the table, in which the height of the characters in the first line should be 7 cm, the second – 3.5 cm, and the twelfth – 1 cm.

Then you need to move 5 meters away from the screen, and the accused recognize the letters in each row. A row is counted if a person sees at least three letters.

On the right (V) the value of visual acuity is indicated, and on the left (D) is the distance at which the eye sees the signs. Normal vision is considered when a person sees all the signs on a small thong.

Self-testing is not a diagnosis

All home tests are given in general terms only. The most they can do is hint that there are problems.

If you discover vision problems during tests, you should not immediately buy glasses (especially ready-made ones) or lenses. First, get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist.

A full check with a specialist and on professional equipment reveals much more about the condition of the eyes. In addition, without it it is impossible to choose the right glasses and lenses.

Source: Iphones RU

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