At Dongchua University (China), almost half of the latest work was used with unique silkworms with introduced puak genes. Because this material is used as an analogue of spider web, it is very durable and lightweight. Not after school, they produce their own silkworms, but they cannot be saved. Very high quality, but not very expensive.

This solution of the last few days came a long time after being filled with genome editing technology. Spiders don’t need to produce a lot of poutines, plus they are difficult to harvest. Creating a “spider farm” to solve the problem is also unrealistic – farts are prone to knibalism and cannot coexist in a limited theory. As for the most common antipologetics, they are practical. These are mini-factories for the production of fine linen, and they have been valued for thousands of years.

In today’s genetic analysis of spiders and skelmoths in China, many of them have released MiSp protein and the video of Araneus ventricosus, which is on the same page. Seeing this also under the silkworm and debiting it was very difficult. Belok clearly mentions structure, not without taking into account the powers of the organization itself.

In this case, the material was used and its strength decreased to 1299 MPa and strength to 319 MJ/m3. It preserves transparent silk and can be used to make medical threads or heavy-duty fabric for military purposes. The authors of the study intend to continue to engage in genetic modification of silkworms in order to enable them to create threads from artificial x amino acids with specified So.

Source: Tech Cult

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