Sber has patented a technology based on artificial intelligence that will listen to audio and video calls on the phone, even through instant messaging, to combat scammers. Habr drew attention to the document.

Sber patented a bot with artificial intelligence that will listen to calls and identify scammers

As follows from the patent’s description of the invention, we are talking about “a method and system for analyzing voice calls to identify and prevent social engineering by activating a voice robot.”

According to the document, the process contains the following steps:

  • Receive an incoming audio stream from the caller using the device;
  • Generation of a synthetic outgoing voice audio stream that plays the role of the interlocutor;
  • Convert the incoming audio stream into vector form;
  • Processing the converted audio stream using the first machine learning model. At this stage, the vector form of the flow is compared with the already stored vectors that characterize the fraudulent activity;
  • Transcription of the audio stream and its further processing using the second machine learning model. Analyze the dialogue with the caller. The dialogue pattern includes the analysis of words and phrases, their order and the presence of pauses;
  • Classification of incoming audio stream;
  • Generate a message about the rating status of the incoming audio stream, which will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

The document explains that this development will help improve efficiency in recognizing fraudulent activities. It is claimed that current technologies do not allow extensive and complete analysis of the audio stream.

Thus, the patented technology will be able to identify a fraudster not only by identifying words and phrases characteristic of attackers, but also by analyzing tonality, emotionality, prosody and their combinations.

In general, the patent description indicates two ways to use the technology. In one case, the bot will talk to the scammers until it identifies them as attackers, after which it will notify the user. Another option is for artificial intelligence to listen to the entire audio signature for the presence of certain patterns that could indicate the presence of scammers.

At the time of this publication, Sberbank did not respond to RB.RU’s request.

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Today, Tinkoff has a service similar in functionality. The company launched the project “Oleg, Defender of the Telephone Secretary”, which answers calls if the subscriber does not answer the phone and also communicates with spammers.

Previously, Sber patented the Smart Cleaning system to improve the cleaning process at facilities.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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