Tim Cook sold his largest stake in Apple in two years. For 511,000 titles, the director of the most valuable public company in the world earned 41 million dollars. Cook last sold Apple shares in 2021 and received $355 million.

Tim Cook sold his largest stake in Apple in two years

Apple CEO Tim Cook sold 511,000 shares of the company worth $41 million in 2023, Bloomberg reported, citing documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Tim Cook last sold Apple shares in 2021. He then sold $750 million worth of securities, of which he earned $355 million after withholding taxes.

Tim Cook currently owns 3.28 million Apple shares.

In 2023, Tim Cook’s salary at the head of Apple was reduced by 40% to $49 million a year. At the end of 2022, Cook earned $99.4 million from Apple, of which $83 million was company stock and bonuses.


Kirill Bilyk

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