Many people choose use browser incognito mode For different actions such as searching for information not stored in cookies or simply ‘hiding’ your online tracks. This is a very popular feature and hence it is available in all major browsers today such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Although incognito mode offers users more privacy, its name is not entirely accurate.

When accessing the Internet, the browser does not store your online activity on the computer or browser, but third parties may still collect cookies and your search data.

Unfortunately, anonymous tab does not guarantee 100% privacy to users, But it’s not any secret. The browser itself describes all the features available when using incognito mode, but it is common for many users to not read the terms of use before using it.

To clarify whether using the anonymous tab guarantees private browsing, TecMundo gathered information from experts on the subject.

Incognito tab with 100% private browsing?

While accessing the internet, the browser will automatically record different information such as search history and other data. But, When using the incognito tab, all this data, including history, cookies and data from the website accessed, will be deleted when you end your browsing. But that’s basically it.

“Incognito mode can be very useful, but as we said, it is not actually private. While it is true that no one using your device can see your history, your scans are still visible to outside eyes,” McAfee explains on its antivirus website.

This option provides features to ensure user privacy on the computer; That is, if another person accesses the same machine, they will not see your search history, cookies or data from the website accessed. Despite, When you use the Anonymous tab, your IP address is not hidden; therefore, providers, websites and search engines can access your digital traces.

Incognito mode guarantees privacy only in certain situations.

Incognito mode can be used to:

  • Protection of confidential information such as passwords and personal data that will be deleted upon termination of access;
  • Deleting cookies;
  • Deleting browsing history;
  • Avoid ad tracking;
  • Log in to multiple accounts;
  • Disable browser extensions.

Note that if you use incognito mode on a computer at work or an educational institution, the IT technician may have access to your activity. Moreover, the websites accessed also record most of the information during browsing. such as links clicked, searches, among other data.

Does anonymous browsing protect you from fraud?

Ideally, this option is used to protect the information you access, videos you watch, purchases you make on e-commerce, among other actions. But again, only against other people using that computer. So, for example, when accessing Facebook, the social network will record all data during your access.

Incognito mode also does not provide any protection against scams and malicious files. because it is not designed to work as an antivirus. In other words, if some type of spyware is installed on your machine, the criminal responsible for the malicious file will be able to access your information in any way possible.

“Incognito mode also does not prevent theft of personal or financial data during online transactions in incognito mode. The same fraud and digital fraud risks that the user faces during normal browsing continue to operate during anonymous browsing. Therefore, always pay extra attention to knowing what data is for whom and for what purpose, and pay attention to preventive measures. SERASA explains in an official publication: If in doubt, do not access, do not click and do not sign up.

Using a VPN can be the best tip if you want to hide your digital information for safe browsing. VPN services can change your IP location and make it harder to track. However, if you want to be safer against malicious files and some scams, we recommend installing a good antivirus.

Source: Tec Mundo

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