Russian scientists will develop a system of social rating of citizens. It will be tested by students and employees of the Russian State Social University. This system works in China: people with low qualifications are deprived of social preferences, for example, they do not receive loans and cannot buy a public transport ticket.

Russian scientists will develop a system of social rating of citizens.

Scientists at the Russian State Social University are developing a system of social rating of citizens. This was reported to Kommersant by the RGSU press service.

RGSU began developing the system more than a year ago. During this time, the university collected data from respondents who agreed to voluntarily participate in the experiment. The system is expected to be tested by RSSU students and employees.

The social rating system operates in China. People with low grades are deprived of social privileges. In particular, they cannot buy a public transport ticket and ask for a loan from the bank.

In China, rating participants have points deducted for attending anti-government events, appearing at protests, or posting fake news on the Internet.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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