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I’ve been looking at the marks for a long time AirTag (here’s our review) for tracking bags with documents or while traveling. Solution price + tag + question stopped upon purchase.

Topic: How AirTag works: all the tricks and features

Somehow I came across a similar device from an external manufacturer that integrates with the network Locator from Apple. Keychain Chipolo One Spot was on sale at a good discount, and I decided to protest it. Now let’s talk about all the features of the analogue AirTagits advantages and achievements.

What kind of Chipolo?

This is a search methods startup that successfully launched in 2013 Kickstarter. Since then, the company has established serial production of several models and operates in 200 countries around the world, including Russia.

When did Cupertino open in 2021? Locator network for developers to participate Chipolo A certified special label has appeared Chipolo One Spot.

Four gadget components are available on the site: two with support Locator from Apple and two without. A tag in the form of a bank card is more expensive and is convenient to use only for wallets or purses. Keychain tags are more practical and cheaper. This is a model Chipolo ONE And Chipolo One Spot.

Regular Chipolo ONE tag work with iOS And Android through the proprietary application and is available in 6 colors. You can select a melody to search for a device, activate the camera shutter using the tag, and start searching for a smartphone when the tag is in your hands.

Advanced Chipolo ONE Spot tag only works with iOS devices over the network Locator and is available only in black. No additional programs are needed for setup and operation, but there is no melody selection or phone search when you press the key fob.

At least in the model Place There are no options for customizing the ringtone and choosing colors, so I chose this one. I believe that it is much more important to have support for Apple’s own service, and the tag can be tracked through the iOS device network. But the basic model “tracks” only through smartphones with the application installed Chipolo.

How to connect and configure Chipolo ONE Spot

Everything to harm is almost as simple as in the case of AirTag.

1. Launch the application Locator on your iPhone or iPad and press the button Add item.

2. Select an item Other related thing.

3. Click on the key fob to activate connection mode and wait for the information to be displayed in the application.

4. Enter a name for the tag (you can rename the device in the future).

5. Select an icon or emoji.

6. Confirm that the device is paired with yours Apple ID. As is the case with AirTaglabel Chipolo You won’t be able to rejoin your account if someone steals or finds it.

Now you can attach the tag to the desired item or accessory. It is tracked in the app Locator.

About the forgotten tag when the iPhone will be removed from the accessory or share the tag with another user on iOS 17.

Over several weeks of testing, three advantages and as many disadvantages of eye tagging were discovered. AirTag. Now let’s talk about them in more detail.

The housing is equipped with a mount

Comparing the sizes of two marks

This is another stone in the garden of Apple marketers. After all, there is not a single reason not to do this. AirTag mounting hole, except for the desire to make money by selling accessories. Leather and silicone Apple tag straps look great in advertising or promotional materials, but on the contrary, they are not durable and hold up almost as well as the tag itself.

IN Chipolo They didn’t set the task of handing over the straps along with the tag and simply provided a hole in the case.

Result: label Chipolo One Spot This is a solution that can be used out of the box without additional investment.

Housing materials are more practical

This is what AirTag looks like after a week

Label Chipolo made of black matte plastic. Scratches and abrasions are not visible on it, dirt and fingerprints are also invisible. It is enough to wipe the device with a damp cloth once every few months, and it will look like it came out of the box again.

Topic: My AirTag is one year old. Here are the impressions

Label AirTag On the contrary, it is a very well-marked and quickly profitable product. The case becomes covered with scratches within a few days, this is especially noticeable on the metal cover. Well, white color for such devices can hardly be called practical.

Result: label Chipolo One Spot more practical and needed primarily to perform the functions intended by the developer, and not for show-off.

Chipolo search sound is very loud

The developers have built a speaker into the tag that plays a longer and louder melody. When looking directly Chipolo One Spot And AirTag fixing the difference in gaze at 10-20%.

Using sound as an example Chipolo I can hear it better. Playing a melody lasts about 30 seconds, not 10-12, like AirTag. Volume Chipolo growing, it is quite possible to hear it on the street. And here is the speaker AirTag Suitable only for searching for marks in the house.

Result: speaker in the tag Chipolo Help find a lost device on the street if you are within range Bluetooth.

Chipolo tag does not have NFC

In the mark AirTag The module can signal about other people’s gadgets. If someone finds your tag, they can touch their smartphone to it and see the owner’s contact information. This slightly increases the chance of getting your things back, but in fact the owner of the tags often hides them deeper, and ours don’t always know about this fish.

Result: option with NFC is a chance to become an advantage in using methods AirTag.

Chipolo does not have ultra-wideband support.

Label AirTag support Ultra Wideband, which is needed to accurately move the mark over a short distance. At approximately a distance of 25-30 meters from the mark, you can see its exact location. The arrow in the app indicates the exact direction to AirTag.

IN Chipolo there are no such options and look for the pandemic keychain only by an external signal Bluetooth or follow the sound signal.

Result: in Russia Ultra Wideband does not work, Apple does not have permission to use the required frequencies, but abroad the Apple key fob has an additional advantage. If you need the gadget for use at home, you won’t notice the difference between the two marks.

Chipolo price is on par with AirTag

Chipolo’s pricing is a little disappointing. Price difference between regular tag and supported model Locator It is clear that fees must be paid for certification. But the price level for the models Chipolo I’m not happy now. The technical device is simpler than AirTagbut it costs the same.

Apple tags can now be purchased for approximately 3400-3500 rub.official price Chipolo ONE Spot and completely 4000 rub.. If you take a set of 4 pieces, then each AirTag will cost from 2500 rubles, tag Chipolo from 2500 to 3000 rub..

Myself Chipolo ONE Spot on the marketplace with a promo code 2 thousand. I don’t recommend paying more for such a gadget.

Result: I don’t recommend buying at full price, but if you see it at a good discount, then this is an excellent alternative AirTag.

There are other differences between the devices. For example, the larger the housing will be installed in Chipolo more powerful antenna for the module Bluetooth. Within the range of the test, the tags are approximately one and a half times larger. It is assumed that the connection, depending on environmental conditions and antenna power, may not have a noticeable impact on the environment.

All comparisons can be summarized as follows: at the marks Chipolo louder speaker and practical design with fastenings, and AirTag there is support NFC with prm for our label. Otherwise, when used in Russia, there is no difference between the devices. Choose the appropriate option based on price and appearance.

🛒 Buy Chipolo ONE Spotfrom 3910 rub.

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