A Reddit user under the nickname Christowear wrote a long post in which Apple demanded that bugs in HomeKit be fixed.

The reason is the recent iOS 17.0.3 update that Christowear installed on his iPhone 15 Pro, which resulted in all settings being lost.

iOS 17.0.3 on my iPhone 15 Pro broke most of HomeKit: I can’t add new family members to Home, location-based automations and camera modes don’t work.

I’ve been using HomeKit for a long time. Most of my friends have homes with HomeKit because I pushed them into it. My parents do too. But the state of HomeKit is becoming increasingly disgraceful.

Is iterative point updating of a brand new iPhone breaking all my houses? This is unacceptable. What’s going on with Apple and HomeKit?

Complaints aside, I’m ready to get Apple’s attention. What do I need to do? Petition? Or are bad press articles enough?

Christowear remembered that HomeKit regularly unlinks devices and resets settings after major system updates, which in principle should not happen.

My simple question is this: let’s dispel the HomeKit framework that shouldn’t be bulletproof? Shouldn’t it always work? I can forgive the mistake in time, but remember iOS 13? Then iOS 15.2 came out, which broke all location-based automation. And then disaster struck, I brought out the “new HomeKit design” in iOS 16.2.

How is this even acceptable to Apple? I say this as a longtime fan. I want them to do better because I enjoy the company. I like their products. But this HomeKit thing is really testing my patience.

The post received more than 100 comments. Many users note that they themselves encounter similar problems.

Some people think Apple needs to add a tool to HomeKit to help diagnose problems. At the moment, if automation occurs or the device is unlinked, users have a problem searching at random.

One commenter said the HomeKit issue was proprietary. Previously, developers of HomeKit-enabled gadgets either had to connect a hardware component to the device or integrate part of the SiriKit framework, which is not always possible in budget devices due to memory limitations.

As a result, many smart home device developers don’t consider HomeKit compatibility. Apple, in turn, does not invest in the development of the platform because it does not see enough interest in it from other companies. [Reddit]

Source: Iphones RU

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