I’ve been using the iPhone 15 Pro for two weeks now. From the first impressions and slight euphoria from the purchase of a new iPhone, more restrained conclusions can be drawn.

Now you can accurately highlight the pros and cons of a smartphone. Some things don’t change over time, but some you get used to.

There were some disadvantages that were unexpected for me, but I can’t name them as critical. However, there will be my personal taste here, and it’s worth being prepared for. Read a detailed review of the smartphone in a separate article; here are just the briefest impressions from a couple of weeks.

First things first.

I really enjoy using it

Back in the review, I said that the beveled edges in the new iPhones are positive for the ergonomics of the device.

It is a fact. It’s really more pleasant to use than the previous iPhone 14 Pro. The smartphone fits better in the hand, and it no longer cuts into the palm. I won’t say that there was any discomfort before, but the difference was felt. I hope that in the future it will not return to the “soap” format that was used in the iPhone 6 -> iPhone 11. The flatter design of the iPhone is just right.

As for the reduced weight… The impressions here are twofold. Yes, I really felt the difference with subsequent generations, but now I’m used to the updated case and I can’t say that anything has changed radically. You feel all the “extra” 19 grams only when looking directly at the 14 Pro, but you quickly forget about it.

I like titanium frames, but some I didn’t notice a huge difference with steel not two weeks ago, not now. I use my iPhone without a case, so I always touch the frames tactilely. Well, there is no feeling of a more noble and premium metal and that’s all.

Of course, nothing was expected from him, but Apple made him a big delivery, as if this was some kind of revolution in smartphone manufacturing. Of course, this is nothing more than marketing. In fact, there is only a 1 mm layer of titanium, followed immediately by the same good old aluminum. The wrapper has changed, but is not demanding.

But yes – scratch it for now no provision (not that I tried). But my steel frames “caught” scratches quite quickly. However, I still managed to get one scratch.

Already managed to plant a scratch

My mode of using a smartphone is the same as in previous years. I don’t put it in my pocket with my keys, I don’t throw it on the table, or anything like that.

The first scratches on the iPhone 14 Pro display appeared only after six months of use. Here the situation is different. Two weeks – minor scratch on the screen. It’s almost invisible, but it’s there. I have no idea where he came from.

Moreover, I try to handle new devices as carefully as possible in the first one or two months of ownership. Then it usually becomes all the same according to the classics.

But this is exclusively my case. There is an even worse situation on the display: display burn-in, which was mentioned earlier. Apple has already announced that it is correcting the situation and replacing defective iPhones free of charge under warranty. All that remains is to send it to the country of purchase. At the same time I stand out from scratches.

Overheating finally fixed

After the release of iOS 17.0.3, completely different statements from users and bloggers began to appear. Some reported that the heating remained almost unchanged, while others said the opposite.

I’m on iOS 17.1 beta 3, I can say with complete confidence that this is the problem was fixed 100%. We spent too little time on 17.0.3, but even then we already noticed changes in the temperature of the case.

As it was before: I had to open Telegram and Apple Music at the same time, the iPhone was already warm. If we were also working with it at that moment, it got even hotter and it became not very comfortable to use.

Like now: My iPhone 15 Pro only gets hotter than normal during extended periods of graphic gaming. Let’s say if I play CoD: Mobile or Payday for an hour.

In normal mode, the case remains cold. This has not happened since the release of the device, but it appeared just recently. This unpleasant “jamb” has been corrected, and I am satisfied.

I hate USB-C. Switched to MagSafe

My biggest gripe, out of the blue, was the new USB-C port for the iPhone. I really don’t understand how this happened.

I have an iPad Pro with a USB-C port, and I personally have not experienced any problems using this connector. But I just can’t do the same thing on a smartphone that infuriates me.

It’s difficult to describe in words. And holding Android smartphones will just make you laugh. I’m sure it’s a matter of habit, but over the course of owning a new iPhone the situation will not change.

What am I talking about? Yes, it’s easy for me USB-C is inconvenient to use. The arms seem to be straight, but the connector does not come out normally. With Lightning, everything was simple – there is a hole, the plug fits neatly into it.

In the case of USB-C, the situation is different. Inside there is a contact section located clearly in the center. Because of this, the connector now does not fit into the connector as smoothly. But this is normal, a far-fetched quibble.

Plus, the connector itself is no longer rounded, but straight. And because of this, it is more difficult not to watch how to insert the connector into the port. Yes, you can easily find it, but inserting the connector itself without running it lightly along the frame is very difficult (again, only if you do it blindly). It’s simply scary to get a scratch on the frame when connecting your iPhone to charge.

Now I’ve switched to MagSafe and almost forgot about USB-C. I only use the wire when traveling, leaving the magnetic wireless charger for home use.

If before I did not use a charger, although the MagSafe cable was always lying around the house, now it has become the main source of power. By the way, I didn’t notice any strong heater with it either.

And little things

▪️ White color is ok. I took it and was not disappointed. One of the most successful flowers this season. It’s a pity that I couldn’t take “Natural Titanium” at one time, but this case is cool too

▪️ Frames do not collect prints. No matter what anyone says, titanium frames are better resistant to “blunders” than steel ones. There’s nothing left on them at all.

▪️ Action button still useless. The only useful option that I personally found for myself in it is turning VPN on and off

▪️ It’s still as strong as before. I saw how a video from a blogger from the JerryRigEverithing channel went viral on the Internet, in which the iPhone 15 Pro cracked from moderate pressure. Apparently it was a defective model. Why? Well, look at the tests of other people who were not observed during the checks (one, two, three).

Consumer Reports even tried to make this equipment:

The result? Nothing happened to the iPhone. Don’t believe the hyped rumors.

▪️ Power banks charge my iPhone. I tested it on three models from different manufacturers. There were no problems

▪️ But not all USB-C works. I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve already tried a dozen different USB-C measurements, and my iPhone just didn’t want to accept the supplied cable from Xiaomi in any form.

▪️ Still need lightning. In any case, for charging AirPods. I don’t see any point in buying new headphones for USB-C.

Most of the problems inflated by various media turned out to be not widespread, but unique. All companies have defective accessories, and Apple is no exception.

Overall, I’m still happy with the new iPhone. Yes, I personally found some disadvantages for myself, but we stopped naming them. It’s still the same iPhone as every year. And if you want to update it, then you can safely do so. But something better happened when Apple fixed its childhood problems.

Source: Iphones RU

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