More than 30 people have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the US. They believe that due to the company’s negligence, AirTag has become one of the most sophisticated and frightening technologies used by stalkers.”

According to the plaintiffs, victims contact service centers, where an expert discovered the AirTag in the car. Often the victims have had to move, and in some cases the murder ends.

Indiana plaintiff LaPrecia Sanders lost her son after his girlfriend used an AirTag to track his boyfriend and then hit him with a car as he left a bar.

Many plaintiffs reported being stalked primarily by their exes. They hide AirTags in the lining of bags, in car recesses, or sewn into a teddy bear.

The targeted Apple recommendations knew that AirTag could be used by stalkers, but they still advertised them as safe from warnings. According to them, Apple violated federal and California laws by releasing a defective product.

The plaintiffs are demanding that Apple provide a refrigerator for anyone facing harassment. Compared to the size determined by the court. [Ars Technica]

Source: Iphones RU

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