Andrey Biychuk, manager of the MTS “Defender” product, warns that you should not call unfamiliar numbers, as this can attract the attention of scammers by showing that your number is active. It also notes that some unknown numbers may be toll numbers and answering these numbers may result in additional charges.

According to the company, the number of spam calls has increased by 30% in the last nine months. Expect more spam calls ahead of Black Friday in November. Biychuk recommends using smart caller ID, which can show who’s calling even if the number isn’t saved on your phone. This helps separate important calls from unwanted calls.

It also recommends blocking spammy numbers and reporting this to your carrier so they can block these numbers at the network level. This procedure has now become faster and takes only one hour instead of 72 hours. These measures will help users avoid unnecessary searches and protect themselves from possible fraud attempts.

Source: Ferra

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