IKBFU specialists, with the support of scientists from St. Petersburg, have developed a rather interesting and useful film designed to stimulate the growth of human cells. These new works make it easy to use a polymer that improves tissue synthesis, for example, in the treatment of various burns.

A key development was polyprolactone, an improved biocompatible and degradable material that has already been widely mentioned in measurements. Not only is the most important disadvantage of hydrophobicity, but this is also the first contact with water, so active regeneration of keys occurs.

Since the Russians had many problems, they will overcome them. In their research, they stated that if amino groups are added to this material, it will begin to restore tissue faster and better and create new ones. In other words, cells “stick” to the polymer better, and the risk of occurrence is significantly reduced.

In Russia they created a plate for fast-growing milkPhoto: Kant IKBFU press service

Professionals skilled in the work, experienced and hardworking. Also working with polycaprolactone provides great prospects in the media. Also on stable flexible ones they cannot be used by devices. These biological cells, which are deposited in depleted bodies, are areas.

Thin plastics are made from polymer in a very short time. they decide.

Source: Tech Cult

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