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One of the myths, or perhaps the most publicized truth, is that the famous instant noodles, due to their packaging, cannot be heated directly in the microwave oven, as this may cause cause cancer or some kind of illness.

And for young university students or workers with little money, it was always a permanent option.

The packaging for these noodles is polystyrene, a popular food container because it is lightweight, cheap to make, and works well as an insulator to keep food warm. However, research shows that when heated, substances contained in polystyrene can leach into food. The main problem is styrene, which can affect the nervous system and is a possible carcinogen.

Microwaved Styrofoam also compromises the structural integrity of the noodle cup and can cause burns if the container cracks. Recently, the UC Chicago Burn and Trauma Medical Center published a study that found that one-third of childhood burns were caused by instant noodles.

Cup Noodles changes packaging to make it microwave safe

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

Nissin now says the Cup Noodle will now be made from 40 percent recycled fiber, no longer include a plastic wrapper, and will have a sleeve made from 100 percent recycled paper. Polystyrene is not easily recycled, and local governments have taken steps to ban the material in recent years.

On the other hand, the new microwaveable Cup Noodles won’t make you wait three minutes either. The new design “will no longer require boiling water,” meaning heat-up time can be reduced by 45 seconds.

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