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Changes arrive in new whatsapp reactions


A few weeks ago, one of the most anticipated changes came to WhatsApp – reactions. Having this option in dozens of apps, the Meta app decided to take the plunge and introduce reactions in the form emoji both in android like in iOS.

So what’s new in this new update? good that whatsapp makes a small change in the reaction: Chat bubbles now display up to four reactions.

Latest Reaction News were discovered after the release of WhatsApp beta update for Android, this provides a preview of the reactions in the chat list (not yet visible on WhatsApp Web).

After this update, no details about the new features related to the ability to respond to messages in chats have appeared … until today.


What’s new in WhatsApp for Android update

With the new WhatsApp for Android Beta update, we found that WhatsApp is making a slight improvement to the maximum number of reactions displayed inside chat bubbles (number of emojis per screen).

As you can see in the screenshot, the improvement is visible in group chats: in the previous update you could see up to 3 reactions inside the chat bubble. The most recent beta version of WhatsApp introduced a small change that allows group members to see up to 4 reactions.

Unfortunately, this is the only change available in this beta: in fact, the bug fix update that should fix the notification issue is not yet available. We will notify you when a solution is available.

The ability to see up to 4 reactions in chat bubbles is available to some beta testers today and will be rolled out to more users in the coming days, but we don’t have more information about changes to WhatsApp chat.

Source: Computer Hoy

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