Laurent Formery, a biologist at Stanford University, published in the journal “Sea star research results that pose a mystery to scientists.” Many of the most important events on planet Earth have a two-level metric, and at this larval stage, starfish are not related to other animals in this regard. Don’t worry about unnecessary prices and don’t press the radio button.

In the creation of RNA tomography, it is possible to track which genes are involved in the creation and creation of certain structures in the body of a living creature. In the case of starfish, it turned out that their entire body has “beautiful” genes. In other words, these creatures do not have a body as such. All we see is a very strange, overgrown head, which has recently separated from the others.

This is very intriguing, the main thing to say is that in this case, in the distant past, the ancestors of starfish had both a body and a head. Or, more correctly, the obvious division of the body into several different functional parts. They are also known to be used by many people and take advantage of their dka difficulty. Why, unlike the external inhabitants of the planet, starfish turned into living ones during the revolution? head?

Source: Tech Cult

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