Most Android smartphones can show approximately the time until the battery is fully charged. There is no such option in iOS yet. You can correct the situation with the help of a special command.

Unfortunately, it does not monitor the power of the connected charging and how the smartphone is used (under an adapter or in a mobile device). However, it’s better than nothing.

How to find out how long it takes to fully charge an iPhone

1. Download the free Teams app.

2. Download the original command from the link or translated into Russian.

3. Add a widget to launch a command on your desktop or lock screen.

4. To automatically run a script when charging is connected, create a new automation in the application. Teams.

5. Select an event Charger connected – Connected.

6. From recommendations Immediate launch and turn off Notify about launch.

7. Provide automation and connect the charger to the iPhone to test.

Now when connected to an outlet, the system will show.

Source: Iphones RU

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