Roskoshestvo discovered pathogenic microorganisms in dumplings from Vkusvilla, as well as those from Myasnoy Dvorik, Siberian Collection, Restoria and Turakovo.

Roskoshestvo discovered pathogenic microorganisms in Vkusvilla dumplings

According to a survey by the Roskachestvo Center for the Study of Consumer Behavior, 96% of Russians buy frozen dumplings and only 4% prefer to prepare this product themselves.

Roskoshestvo classifies dumplings as a problematic product category; There are currently no candidates for the Quality Mark among these products.

During the inspection, microbiological parameters were also evaluated. Thus, pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonella, were found in the dumplings “Hot Thing”, “Myasnoy Dvorik”, “Siberian Collection”, “Restoria”, “Turakovo”.

Pathogenic bacteria (listeria) were also found in Vkusville products.

According to Roskachestvo, producers of dumplings with these brands responded to the organization’s comments.

Vkusville commented on the results of the study and reported that Roskachestvo notified the chain of violations in advance, which made it possible to withdraw from sale and block the supply of tested Domashnie dumplings on the same day. They were supplied to the retailer by LLC “CHALI” from the Oryol region.

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The company also commented on the standards for the content of antibiotics in the product, which in the Russian Federation are not mandatory, but are advisory in nature.

“Vkusville’s quality control department works according to European Union standards, as they are broader and include a greater amount of antibiotics and pesticides. And any antibiotic or pesticide (regardless of whether they are regulated or not) can negatively affect human health,” the Vkusville report says.

Roskachestvo summarized the results of the study with the conclusion that experts still have many questions about dumplings based on microbiological indicators.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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