Trading company XTX Markets, founded by Alexander Gerko, announced the awarding of a special prize at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the AI-MO Prize, for its achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. The award aims to encourage the creation of a shared, public, secure and effective AI model. The prize fund is 10 million dollars.

XTX Markets Alexandra Gerko will pay $10 million for a public AI model with mathematical thinking

The grand prize of $5 million will be awarded to the first publicly available AI model that participates in the AI-MO competition and meets all IMO requirements and gold standards, writes Finance Magnates. In addition, a series of awards will be awarded for outstanding achievements in this area, totaling up to $5 million.

The significant financial incentive for AI-MO is expected to accelerate the expansion of AI beyond large language models like ChatGPT, and lead to the emergence of new models that can more effectively use mathematical knowledge for sophisticated calculations and analysis. .

“XTX Markets is pleased to announce the AI-MO Prize to encourage the development of artificial intelligence models capable of mathematical reasoning,” said XTX Markets Chief Philanthropy Officer Simon Coyle.

“Using complex mathematical problems as a benchmark to determine whether AI can match the higher cognitive functions of humans is a great idea,” says Gregor Dolinar, president of the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Mathematicians, experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as experienced Olympic problem creators will work together to develop non-trivial tasks, specifically to solve them with the resources of artificial intelligence tools.

The first competitions for the AI-MO prize will begin in early 2024. The presentation of the project will take place at the 65th IMO, which will be held in Bath, England, in July 2024.

XTX Markets is a leading financial technology company that partners with counterparties, exchanges and e-commerce platforms around the world to provide liquidity in equities, currencies, fixed income and commodities.

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XTX employs more than 200 people in London, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Yerevan and Singapore. The company was founded in 2015 by Muscovite Alexander Gerko, whose fortune Bloomberg estimated at $6 billion in 2022.

In January, Alexander Gerko displaced the founder of the international betting house Bet365, Denise Coates, from the leading position in the ranking of businessmen who paid the maximum taxes in the United Kingdom: during the year she paid £487 million (602, 8 million dollars), which is equivalent to £1.5 million (1.8 million dollars) per day.


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