This Thursday (14) Intel announced: Intel Core Ultra, New 14th generation processor series codenamed Meteor Lake. The chip family will be the brand’s first built on the Intel 4 process (7nm) accelerated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-accelerated neural processing units (NPU).

At the AI ​​Everywhere event, the brand announced that its personal computer components will provide improvements in graphics, processing, battery life and more (compared to the 13th generation).

You Intel Core Ultra 5, Intel Core Ultra 7 and Intel Core Ultra 9 processors will form the line and have up to 16 cores, 22 threads (on ultra-thin devices), 5.0 GHz frequency (Turbo), 24 MB smart cache (LLC), 64 GB memory capacity (LP5) and 96 GB (DDR5).

The GPU of the chips will be based on Intel Arc or Intel Graphics, the neural processor will be Intel AI Boost, and the neural engine will be 2X Gen3.

Compared to 13th generation Intel Core i7 chips, Intel Core Ultra delivers up to twice better performance in games. In terms of energy consumption, the new parts consume up to 25% less battery when using streaming compared to the same Core i7.

The new feature can also use Wi-Fi 7 and has Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.

Intel Core Ultra pricing and availability

According to Intel, Intel Core Ultra “the company’s biggest architectural change in 40 years” and “PC ushers in the era of AI.” The new nomenclature will replace the “i” prefix that has been present on products for over 15 years.

The company’s idea for this change is to facilitate public understanding and differentiate the Meteor Lake series from previously released products.

A. The first introduction of Intel Core Ultra took place in the new Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, Galaxy Book 4 Pro and Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360.A feature announced today and configurable by Intel Core Ultra 7 or Ultra 9.


From 2024 The chips will be in more than 230 computers and laptops from dozens of manufacturers.

According to Intel, computers with artificial intelligence will represent 80% of the market by 2028 and will revolutionize “the way we work, learn and create.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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