Good morning! To stay up to date at the beginning of Saturday (16th), TecMundo This week (December 11-15) we’ve sorted through everything that matters most. In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active during this period.

Google (11) on Monday announced the most searched topics in 2023. On Wednesday (13), Epic Games released the first free game of a group of 17 games that will be distributed at the end of the year. This Friday (15th) Twitch backed down and banned nudity on the platform once again.

This was just a taste of everything that was going on! Check out the most important events happening this week below. To access each news in its entirety, just click on the links below.

1. Google reveals the most searched topics in Brazil and the world in 2023. Rankings show what the public is searching for on Google in 2023.

2. Apple releases iOS 17.2: Check out 5 big new features now available for iPhones. iOS 17.2 is now available for compatible iPhone owners and brings a host of new features; Check out the best.

3. Andre Braugher, Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has died at the age of 61. Award-winning actor Andre Braugher, known for his role in the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has passed away. Check out more details.

4. Intel Core Ultra is a new series of processors powered by artificial intelligence; See technical specifications. The Intel Core Ultra series has already launched in a number of laptops; Check out!

5. Star+ will be integrated into Disney+ in Brazil in 2024! To understand. Starting from the second half of 2024, Star+ and Disney+ applications will become a single platform! Learn more details.

6. Epic Games will offer 17 free games for Christmas; The first title is now available for download! Epic Games Store has already launched the first free game of its wave of year-end promotions; Check out!

7. Nubank will provide scholarships in the field of technology in Brazil and Colombia. Nubank will award 36 scholarships within the scope of an investment of US$ 1.2 million in the next two years.

8. Netflix announced its most watched productions in its report! Check out the top 20! Netflix has promised to reveal information about the most watched movies and TV series every six months. Check out the first ranking!

9. Twitch will rescind the changes and no longer allow nude content. Changes made to broadcast platform policies were met with criticism from a large segment of society.

10. 2023 is expected to be the hottest year in history. Global warming and El Niño caused the average global temperature between January and November to be 0.13 °C above the temperature recorded in 2016.

Source: Tec Mundo

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