Wearing a sweater, which is a Christmas tradition in some countries, did not go unnoticed by Microsoft. The company is releasing the limited-edition Ugly Sweater for the sixth year in a row, and the theme of the year is nostalgic Windows XP wallpaper.

This scene, known as the Bliss scene, was photographed by Charles O’Rear in 1996, but was published on the Microsoft operating system in 2001. Today, the scene is very different from the image known to millions but continues to be renewed. Become a technology classic.

Protect the environment

Microsoft’s ugly sweater was created as a “joke” of sorts, but it was supporting a cause. For example, last year they paid tribute to Office’s famous virtual assistant, Clippy. In 2021, the ugly sweater referenced the Christmas tree-shaped game Minesweeper, and in 2020 it was Paint’s turn to be honored.

This year, Microsoft’s ugly sweater sale brings all the nostalgia of Windows XP, as well as supporting The Nature Conservancy. The environmental organization operates in more than 70 countries and territories and has protected more than 125 million acres of land, in addition to being active in more than 100 marine life conservation projects.

The only sad thing is that Microsoft’s ugly sweater is not sold in Brazil. This year’s edition is already out of print in the United States online store.

Source: Tec Mundo

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