The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) will launch the Celular Seguro application and website today (19). Block stolen or stolen smartphones for up to 30 minutes. The service is free and works nationwide.

According to the folder, the Celular Seguro app will be a good tool as it connects multiple systems. In other words, when the user loses his device, he will be able to access the site and notify banks, Anatel, operators and other services.

For example, if the owner of the lost mobile phone cannot access the website via computer, the platform offers suggestions from trusted people. These people will be able to turn off the phone line at the victim’s location.

Initially, institutions such as Banco Pan, Banco Inter, Sicoob, Caixa, BTG Pactual, Santander, Banco do Brasil and Bradesco signed partnerships with the platform. In an interview with g1Ricardo Cappelli, secretary general of the Ministry of Justice, said: iFood, Uber, 99, Mercado Livre and Nubank will soon join Celular Seguro.

Additionally, the government wants to add new features to Celular Seguro, such as chip blocking. This makes it impossible for criminals to implement password recovery methods.

Mobile phone theft epidemic

Among the crimes against property, robbery and mobile phone theft are at the top of the list. In Brazil, 508.3 thousand robberies and 490.8 thousand smartphone thefts were recorded in 2022; Approximately 1 million events occurred in total. The figures represented an increase of 16.6% compared to 2021.

While official statistics are frightening, the reality may be even worse. The information contained in the 7th Brazilian Public Safety Yearbook, developed by the Brazilian Public Safety Forum, takes into account only reported records. In other words, thousands more cases where victims do not report to the police are hidden.

According to the federal government, in this context the Celular Seguro project is designed to “increase security in the use of mobile devices through the central recording of Registered Mobile Devices as well as the contact data of Trusted Contacts of Registered Mobile Device owners.”

With this centralization The goal is to act faster in cases of theft, theft or loss. Currently, anyone who loses access to their mobile phone must individually notify their operator and banking institutions, for example.

talk with g1Ricardo Cappelli argued that criminals who steal devices will not be able to use applications or access the victim’s banks.

“We believe that by doing this we will deter interest in both this crime and admission,” he added.

How to prevent a stolen mobile phone?

In addition to a website, Celular Seguro is available free of charge in app format for Android and iOS mobile phones. Check it out below How to access and sign up for Celular Seguro?:

  • Download and install the app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS);
  • Open the app and click on “sign in with”, then identify yourself using your CPF and password;
  • When you log in to the system for the first time, you will need to accept the terms of use. Click “I accept” to continue accessing;
  • After that you already have access to Celular Seguro. The home screen has options to save trusted contacts, save a phone number, and save an event;
  • In the side menu, you can access more options such as editing your profile, device search, training and terms of use.

Check it out below How to use Celular Seguro to block a stolen smartphone?:

  • To report a stolen device, you can access the Celular Seguro website and report the incident. Access the address, log in and click “Record event” on the home page;
  • Select “My phones” or “Trusted phone”. The first is in case the lost device belongs to you, and the second is for third-party devices;
  • After selecting the missing device, click “Warning” to record the event;
  • In order to alert operators and banks, you must report the date, type of situation, time, city and other details regarding theft/loss/loss;
  • Once the alert is given, the system will inform a protocol. Write this number down because it is important for later help;
  • With the published warning, institutions will be informed and a commitment will be made to block access to banks and operators on that device.

Source: Tec Mundo

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