Eat something healthy before going to the party.. Research shows that carefully chosen snacks can affect how full you feel after a meal. As a result, you will eat less. The strongest effect will come from high-protein snacks: a handful of nuts, yogurt, hummus and vegetable sticks.

Avoid low-carb alcoholic beverages. One survey found that 15% of low-carb beer drinkers drank more of the drink than usual because they thought it was healthier. The calories in alcoholic beverages come from the alcohol itself, not the carbohydrates.

Don’t skimp on healthy food this Christmas. Research shows that eating healthy is actually cheaper than processed foods and alcohol. Therefore, it is better to replace ham with leaner and lighter meat: seafood, for example; choose fresh salads with seasonal products (mango, watermelon, peach, cucumber, tomato) as a side dish; when frying, use olive oil instead of vegetable oil and aromatic herbs instead of salt; If you’re looking to add an out-of-season vegetable to your diet, look for it in frozen or canned form; Make your own sauces and salad dressings.

Make a detailed meal plan and shopping list before going to the store. This way you will buy only what you need and avoid impulsive spending. Compare the cost per 100 grams of all products when shopping.

Don’t skip breakfast on Christmas Day. It has been scientifically proven that eating a low-calorie or small breakfast causes increased hunger throughout the day. The craving for sweets becomes especially strong. If you eat protein-rich foods in the morning, you will feel full for longer. For example, eggs.

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Source: Ferra

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