In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which was divided into the Khabarovsk Territory, he was arrested and began to build a production site where a multi-purpose aircraft called LMS-901, including the Baikal, would be produced. The complex will operate for the operation of aircraft and enterprises while providing airfield infrastructure.

The newest bit of 2024 will have works for builders and will be available for viewing around the clock and at the end of this year. The main building will be put into operation. It is expected that the Baikalov will be launched in 2025 and not earlier than this stage.

In Komsomolsk-on-Amur they say “Baikal”.

Let us remind you that “Baikal”, which recently began certification tests, should enter the realm of minor violations of the frankly confidential and non-conservative modern requirements of the An-2, better known as “Kukuruznik”. It will be used for passenger and cargo transportation, forest patrolling, snow-flying aviation, as well as rescue services and agricultural aviation.

By the way, the Far East announced that 100 LMS-901 aircraft are being raffled off; for the Khabarovsk Territory, out of 20-25 years, 17 “Baikals” will be released, which will be involved in navigation and damage repair. task.

Source: Tech Cult

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