Researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine have discovered the ability of foamed carbon monoxide to improve the utophagy inhibitory effect of carbon monoxide, which helps fight cancer cells. This may be an experimental method that produces the opposite results. The most important thing is to use a carbon monoxide hydration pen, which is safe for the body in areas with inhalation.

Autophagy is sometimes referred to as a skin cell activity, e.g. They are also used for disassembling and remaking keys. For example, autophagy prevents brake failure. Further research revealed that this monoxide is the culprit in tobacco smoke.

Previously, gas was not allowed to enter the siphon for half a year. Yes, they called it CO-GeM. Experiments with bafilomycin, chlorophyllin and the autophagy inhibitors Lys05 showed that their ability to destroy prostate cancer cells, the pancreatic gland and the human pulmonary artery was significantly increased by the addition of CO-GeM. The last operations in the families were able to see this – they rejected it and did not mention it.

However, this does not apply to the speed of CO-GeM and delivery systems. Today, this problem is not resolved, potentially or clinically isolated. This is unnecessary and doctors are used as pathetic penises. bodies.

Source: Tech Cult

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