UY Scuti. This red supergiant is 1,708 times larger than the Sun and has a radius of 1.2 billion kilometers. However, the temperature on its surface is 40% lower than that of the Sun.

WOH G64. Its size is 1540 times that of our Sun. In addition, this celestial body is covered with a thick layer of fine particles about a light-year in diameter.

WOH S170. It is a red star 1461 times the size of the Sun.

RSGC1 F01. It is located in a star cluster of the Milky Way, the constellation Scutum. According to various estimates, the size of this star is 1436-1530 times that of the Sun.

High Resolution 269 551. Measurements show that this star is 1439 times the size of the Sun. True, it is incredibly unstable and is nearing the end of its life cycle.

VY Canis Majoris. An oxygen-rich supergiant star 1,420 times the size of the Sun. In addition, its surface temperature is 3730 °C and it is 300-500 thousand times brighter than the Sun.

HD 12 463. According to scientists, it is 1420 times larger than our Sun. This star is located about 163,000 light-years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a side galaxy of the Milky Way.

CM Velorum. It is located in the constellation Vela and is a red star 1416 times the size of our Sun. It is also located almost 15 thousand light years from Earth.

AH Scorpii. It is a red supergiant located in the constellation Scorpius. Hence the name. The star is 1411 times more massive than the Sun, but also cooler. The surface temperature varies between 3176.85°C and 3408.85°C.

HV 888. This star is located 163 thousand light years from Earth. Its radius is the same as that of the Sun, but it is nearing the end of its life. Scientists do not know exactly when the star HV 888 may go supernova.

Source: Ferra

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