VK acquired 70% of Many Applications LLC (owned by Russian digital solutions developer red_mad_robot). The goal of the agreement is to strengthen the internal team of specialists, also for other projects of the corporation, writes Kommersant.

VK acquires 70% of the Russian digital solutions developer Redmadrobot

“Many Apps” appeared in February 2023. The company is developing an app store for Android devices. The current version of the site does not specify which store we are talking about, but the version saved in the Google cache has a QR code with a link to download RuStore (developed by VK).

Most likely, the agreement is due to the lack of qualified IT personnel suffered by large Russian holdings, so attracting ready-made teams through the purchase of an asset is a normal solution, noted one of the publication’s interlocutors.

CorpSoft CEO Konstantin Renzyaev estimated the deal at about 20 million rubles.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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