ChatGPT was trained to remember data about the user. This will help the chatbot generate better responses. Users will be able to manage the “memory” function independently.

ChatGPT was trained to remember data about the user

OpenAI has started testing the memory feature in ChatGPT. This is indicated on the company blog.

The chatbot will be able, at the user’s request, to remember data about him, for example, about training time in the gym. OpenAI believes that this feature will help ChatGPT generate better answers to user queries.

Chatbot users will be able to manage ChatGPT’s “memory” feature independently. This can be done in the personalization section. There you can also edit data about the user that ChatGPT remembers.

The updated chatbot feature is now available for some users. A full launch is planned to finish testing.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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