A study conducted by the University of British Columbia points to the potential for cannabis to be used as a drug regulation tool. After all, there are quite a lot of people in the United States who realize the harmfulness of their drug addiction and want to take control of it, but with mine, they are unable to do this through sheer force of will. Cannabis can be found in this section and in these texts. It is legal and stupid.

The study involved participants in chronic drug use, heroin, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine tamine. 48.8% without persons using cannabis, 45.1% without persons – unrepresented. It is not possible for you to identify yourself with drugs. “The majority” (97.3%) took it, 43.8% preferred it, 21.9% preferred it over concentrates.

The majority – 31.3% – belonged to children, most of them were included in the group – 44 years old. Analyze the condition of the participants and their surveys that cannabis use is noticeable. In the back of women, this effect manifested itself more and more often. However, cannabis is not the only result of this technology that has caused an uproar.

There is no need to use them and recommend your mother cannabis to get rid of drug addiction. Moreover, it is for this reason that this is the case in drug treatment clinics, expanding their ability to manage the condition of patients and their cravings for stimulant substances. This very popular information also stimulated the promotion of cannabis use. It is important to take medications. Target.

Source: Tech Cult

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