An enthusiast of NTDev technology, which is used to change Windows semi-isms, has broken a new record. The release does not imply practical policy and is intended to be a rough approach or whether this is the official version of Windows 10. The “offline” version is referred to in one of the same words as this version, and therefore enthusiasts take various steps to preserve it.

The recordings were marred by a disastrous teardown. This is a special edition of the Tiny10 version. It, released in Windows 10, is limited to all basic functions, so it can be used on almost any, even very outdated, roaring hardware. After all, it worked for the first time. In fact, Windows 10 lasted 104 seconds.

Windows 10 will officially release in October 2025. Alas, quite a lot of people rightfully do not expect anything good from switching to a new version of the OS from Microsoft. From the point of view of the fame and popularity of subsubs, such as special software pads that allow you to work with applications under new subs, specifically on systems based on Windows 10.

Source: Tech Cult

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