The Unigine game engine was excluded from the registry of the Ministry of Digital Development. It was the only product of its kind on the national software list. The developers claim that the exception is “technical in nature.”

The Unigine game engine was excluded from the registry of the Ministry of Digital Development

According to the documents, the reason for the exclusion is the software’s non-compliance with current requirements, Kommersant writes.

Unigine, unlike VK Nau Engine, is positioned primarily as a solution for industry and simulators. Meanwhile, the official Russian origin of the development plays a decisive role here.

The copyright holder of the Unigine SDK in Russia is Unigine LLC, which is the sole property of Unigine Holding registered in Luxembourg. According to 2020 data, the main shareholder was Denis Shergin, the minority shareholder was Alexander Chachava’s LETA Capital fund. At the end of 2023, Unigine’s director confirmed to App2Top that the company would continue operating in Russia.

  • Inclusion in the registry of the Ministry of Digital Development provides a number of tax and other preferences, including the possibility of deferring military service and mobilization of employees. Russian developers previously called for closing registration for foreign companies, noting that they steal personnel from domestic organizations, including for relocation abroad.
  • The agency is going to change the rules for the inclusion of companies in the register of accredited IT companies in a way that prevents the inclusion of foreign structures in it. Now the registry includes subsidiaries of Huawei, Samsung and others.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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