With an internal memo from Google CEO Sundar Pichaicame out to meet Generative AI Gemini’s controversial week and poor performance of historical images.

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Google suspended its Gemini image-creation tool last week after it produced embarrassing and offensive results, in some cases refusing to depict white people or inserting photos of women or people of color when asked to create images of Vikings, Nazis and the Pope.

“I know that some of your responses have offended our users and demonstrated bias. Frankly, this is completely unacceptable and we were wrong,” Pichai said.

“Our teams have been working around the clock to resolve these issues. “We are already seeing significant improvements across a wide range of indications,” he said.

“We will implement a clear set of actions, including structural changes, updated product guidance, improved release processes, robust assessments and red teams, and technical guidance. “We are analyzing all this and will make the necessary changes,” he added.

However, Pichai wanted to leave room for optimism and stressed that the most important thing after solving the problem is significant improvements in AI.

“Let’s focus on what’s most important: building useful products that our users trust,” he concluded in his note.

Source: Digital Trends

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